News 13

Brunswick to Norfolk

We left Brunswick, GA, in the middle of June. To avoid the meandering Intracoastal of South Carolina, we thought it a good idea, to make the 300nm to Morehead City in one go outside. The weather seemed to cooperate and the Gulf Stream would push us along. What a stupid mistake. At first we had sunshine and no wind, so we were running out of Diesel soon. Enter the front. Three days of howling Northeasterlies 25-40 kts, thunderstorms with squalls from every corner, lightning everywhere, waterspouts plus a confused sea. We felt like a toy in the hands of giants, being thrown about at their pleasure. In the end, we reached Morehead City after six days and nights at sea completely exhausted and fed up.

Cape Lookout

Tryon Palace

Resedence of the first governor of NC

Friends had been enthusiastic about the Sheraton Marina in New Bern, so after 2 days of recovery we motored up beautiful Neuse River to that sleepy small town and a nice marina with a pool (sheer luxury) and a surprisingly low monthly rate. We indulged in the peace and quiet there for a month.

As usual it was hard to leave new found friends, but the wilderness of Pungo and Alligator River more than compensated for the loss. Crossing the Albemarle Sound we fell in love with Elizabeth City, the "Harbour of Hospitality". Bad news from Germany forced Gabriele on the next plane home, where she had to stay for a month. By the end of August we were reunited and happy to be on the move again. Going up jungle like Pasquotank river and the Great Dismal Swamp Canal turned out to be one of the highlights of our cruise so far (see extra page). Sept. 5th. We arrived in Norfolk , VA, our first big city in America, very impressive. Norfolk is dominated by the huge navy base and shipyard. Has anybody ever seen 3 carriers side by side and the navy's largest battle ship? Well, here you can.

Marker in the ICW

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