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Norfolk to Baltimore

From Norfolk we went to the Chesapeake Bay. A beautiful sailing area with many perfect anchorages. But it's often very shallow. Most of the ground is soft mud, so no problem when you run aground. First stop York River and a visit to York Town. Our problem, we had to cross the bridge across the river, which is illegal for pedestrians. First time we took a taxi, but back we tried hitch-hiking. After a while we were sucessful. People, who walk, are not taken care of in this car dominated country.

Lonely anchorage


What a difference

Our journey took us from Sarah Creek (York River) further to Dymon Creek and then to Crisfield on the eastern shore. Here we chose once more a marina to handle the normal chores like laundry, internet access and repair work. We met sailors who invited us to Hoopers Island, and that was a brilliant idea. We would never have chosen this place on our own, the entrance to Rippons Marina being very narrow and manageable for us only arround high tide. But it turned out to be great and we stayed a week. Next stop Solomons, beautiful, but a busy place with many sailboats and tourists. Here we met several boaters, we had seen before somewhere during our trip. Often it is very astonishing that people you met in the Caribbean or Bahamas after a while suddenly turn up again in the most unlikely places. Or you meet someone, who happens to know someone, you know. We continued our travel with several stops at lonely anchorages to Annapolis, the Sailing Capital, to visit the annual boat show.

Where to spend the winter, was still the big question. Another problem was Klaus visa, he had to leave the country for a while. But then the opportunity to sail in the Caribbean 1500 to Tortola BVI arose, and Gabriele decided to stay in Baltimore. That turned out to be a good choice. The Harbor View Marina is a perfect place to live.

Harbor View Marina

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