News 2

22.04.2001 AEOLA in Emden (Germany).

Monday April 16 we leaved Wilhelmshaven and sailed over Hooksiel ( cause of the bad and cold weather we made a short break here) to Norderney. At April 22 we leaved Norderney and sailed over the "Memmertfahrwasser" and the "Osterems" to Emden. Now we stay here in Emden waiting for the ship who takes the Aeola and us to Gibraltar.
Next week the Aeola and we will leave Germany to the sunny south. From Gibraltar we'll start our big adventure over the atlantic.

AEOLA in the Yacht harbour of Norderney

Sailing into "Rathsdelft" (Emden)

Old bureau of harbour
The old town hall
Happy and relaxed sailor
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