News 22

Bahamas 2

Port Lucaya, our port of entry

Ernest and Denise,our friends from Canada
The world is a village

Grand Lucayan Waterway

Nassau, home of the cruise ships

It doesn't take much, only a 40 mile trip across the Gulf Stream from Florida and you are in the island paradise of the Bahamas. Spread over 500 nautical miles you'll find island after island like pearls on a string. The main tourist resorts are in the north, the further south you go, the lonelier and more "island style" they get. 30.000 boats come here every year, but still you will have no problem finding that secret lonely anchorage of your dreams. There are marinas already and more to come, American style, especially with regard to charges, but anyway there is so much space...

Nassau, Grand Bahama

Royal Island, Eleuthera

Obviously black and white are living in harmony here and we didn't see any sign of a crime problem. Religion is a big issue and the Bahamians live their faith. There still are mainly white islands, like Spanish Wells, where the Afroamericans had to leave the island after dark, but this is a story of the past. You still can't buy any alcohol here, but a dinghy ride away, at the ferry dock of the next island is a huge highly frequented liquor store to meet everybodys needs.

Spanish Wells

Christmas decoration

The true riches of this unique world are in the water. A turquoise, never seen before, and seemingly endless amounts of fish, conch and lobster, despite all the sport fishermen and locals. It's the garden of the sea....

It's windy out here, but there is always a safe haven

A true hurricane hole

Our Garden of Eden

Highborne Cay Marina

We do love the water

Red Shanks anchorage in Great Exuma, our home for several months

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