St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Jewels thrown into the Sea, ideal for sailing and diving

Clifton Harbour

Clifton Harbour in Union Island, the most southerly of this republic, was our first stop. Full of Caribbean flavour, colour and vibrance. Of course they have a lot of tourism by now but it is not overproportionate as of yet.Lots of cruisers, many expats, friendly authorities, almost no crime. The many colours and pictures are mostly thanks to the influence of Jutta from Berlin, who left her artistic traces almost everywhere. She is also the contact for members of TO, the German equivalent of SSCA.


Erika's provides Internet and a lot of other services

We could have crawled the pubs for weeks, enjoying Creole food, but there is a point, when the hubub simply gets too much. And there is so much more to see...

Sunset in Saline Bay, Mayreau

Of course weather is the main actor and during winter it can become quite frantic. Squalls, thunderstorms with gusts of gale force can turn the most beautiful anchorage into havoc within minutes. But that normally doesn't last very long, maybe half an hour or so and peace and quietness return. Just why does it always have to happen in the middle of the night? The anchorage behind the reef became increasingly uncomfortable and so we decided to move on to Mayreau and more safety and peace of mind.

Cruiseships are coming in increasing numbers along with chartered sailing yachts. From Club Med II to traditional vessels like Friendship Rose.

Club Med II, Saline Bay

Friendship Rose

Bequia Harbour

Plantation House Hotel

Kingstown, St. Vincent

Beauty no end. Classic Yachts in all their grace, Victorian gingerbread houses in Caribbean joviality or romantic harbourtowns like Kingstown, St. Vincent. Or the kids of Cateaubelair, who never miss a boat, coming by curious, always grateful for some sweets or a Coke. We soon got into the habit of having these things on board all of the time.

Look at these volcanos, wild, untamed and full of passion...

Chateaubelair close to the menacing Soufriere


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