News 3

Transport to Gibraltar

MS Germania of Hartmann Schiffahrts GmbH in Leer, Liberian flag, built in 1993 by Brand Werft Oldenburg, length 125,2 m, width 19 m, displacement 13296 t.

Little Aeola on the deck of her big brother. Together with 3 powerboats and normal cargo below we are on the way to Gibraltar. Loading had been no problem at all.

The only thing we hadn't liked was the delay of 2 weeks. With that wonderful blue sky that is so rare in this part of the world we let our Frisian landscape pass by as Germania sailed swiftly down the Ems estuary.

When finally the Borkum lighthouse disappeared behind the horizon it was time to say good bye to Germany for a long long time...

Further loading of cargo in Porto. (13.05.-16.05.01)

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