News 4


Marina Bay

The 18th of May saw us come into Gibraltar. MV "Germania" reached the bay at about 4:30 in the morning and let go anchor right across the entrance to the harbour. It was still dark when they watered us. Everything had to be in a rush, they had to make up for the time lost in Portugal. A littlebit disorientated and not fully awake we tried to make our way to customs and immigration. With the first daylight we arrived at the reporting berth. We cleared customs, had a coffee and went of for Marina Bay.

The next few days will be filled with various repair jobs, they have a few wonderful chandlers here. Klaus mounted the watermaker(finally) and a mechanic hopefully found the leak in our diesel filter system.

In the meantime we`re just having a good time, exploring Gibraltar. It`s only 6kmē but from the "Rock"(426m) you have just that view over to Africa. And of course there are the apes.

The Straits of Gibraltar with a view towards Morocco.

Ape of Gibraltar.

The harbour of Gibraltar.

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