News 6

Lagos to Santa Maria

Cabo Sao Vicente, good bye to European mainland

Peaceful sunset

Becalmed in the Azores high. Klaus looking for the wind.

After 9 days we finally let go anchor in Vila do Porto (Santa Maria Azores) on historic ground. On the other side of the island is the bay where Columbus anchored in 1493 returning from his discovery of America. He lost two anchors, was thrown into prison and regarded as a common pirate.

We had bad luck. In the middle of the night despite our anchor light being set, a fisherman crashed full speed into our stern and disappeared after calling us names and a lot of four letter words. The wind vane is a complete loss. The windgenerator can probably be saved.

Never mined, we`re happy to have made it to the Azores on our first leg over the Atlantic.

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