Jutta from Berlin

Artist and Businesswoman on Union Island

For many years Jutta has been living in the Grenadines. She and her partner bought a big slice of land at a time when nobody even knew Union Island existed. With a lot of sweat they created their own little tropical paradise over the years. Colourful, hidden, mysterious and exotic plants everywhere. There are two bars, a shop with handpainted T-shirts, a gallery with her paintings, two condos, a private beach with a jetty. Her vibrant vitality and joy of life are simply contagious.

But she has left her traces everywhere on the island. The locals, who seem to like her a lot, had asked her to paint walls, decorate restaurants, create signs for for the growing number of tourists. She definitely has done the job and with a lot of dedication.

As an excruiser she also takes care of all those Transocean members coming through. She is a fountain of wisdom and local knowledge. Whenever you have a problem, Jutta will know, where to go or what to do. We really enjoyed the hours talking to her. But, being from Berlin, she sure loves chitchatting...

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