Sweet Georgia on my mind

We didn´t intend to go to Brunswick, GA., but it looked nice on the chart and the marina rates were unbeatable. So we arrived in sleepy small town America. Almost nobody seems to go here. It´s 10 nm off the coast and has a minor harbour. All the same it boasts a very active crab fishing community. It feels a little bit like home, only the cutters are bigger and the crabs too ...

Founded in 1771 by General Oglethorpe and named in honour of King George`s ancestral home, Braunschweig in Germany, it managed to keep the charme of it´s flourishing past and the peace and quietness of a real Southern town. It feels like a huge park with lush vegetation in the shade of enormous ancient oak trees bearded with moss. We loved the idea of building roads around the trees and not felling them.

We got enchanted by those wonderful wooden houses, Victorian style, with their grand verandas and rocking chairs. Quite a lot are for sale and the city is not exactly boom town, but we fell in love with the friendly slow Southern Way. And, you can´t really move faster in a 100°F all summer long. We definitely could live here.

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