Cat Island

Outer Bahamas

If we were asked to name the one island in the Bahamas that really put it's magic on us, it would definitely be this one. 48 m long, 3 villages, 800 inhabitants, one post office, 2 small general stores, no ATM or bank, 30 churches.

Cat Island is also home to Mt. Alvernia, the highest hill in the Bahamas: 200 ft. Right on top of it is the Hermitage of Father Jerome, who built it himself without help in the 40ies of last century. He, of course, is long gone, but the monument of his stride for lowliness and faith is well preserved and revered. Aside from that, there are miles of untrodden beaches, creeks and mangroves, palm trees, pine forests, scrub and not a soul around. There is tourism of course, but the 3 or 4 resorts they have, fit harmoniously into the landscape and are hardly recognised as such.

On the southern tip of the island is the only hurricane hole in a hundred miles: Hawk's Nest Creek, and the only marina in a 200 nm: Hawk's Nest Marina. They have 17 slips, 10 of them empty. They belong to a tiny cosy resort, that also seems to be half empty most of the time. For three days we indulged in the luxury of an all inclusive holiday there. Then we went on to the lonely and sometimes not very protected anchorages of the island. We loved Cat Island and could have stayed there a lot longer, if only it hadn't been such an expensive place...

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