Horta, Ilha do Faial
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Biggest island of the central group. Landscape highlights are the mighty Caldeira right in the middle and the volcanic area of Capelinhos. A desert of ashes, which came into being after the last eruption in 1958.

The rest of the island consists of hills, mountains and many darkgreen meadows being surrounded by azurblue hortensias, which can be seen almost everywhere in the summer.


Capital of the island, seat of the regional government. A town with lots of atmosphere and history. Famous stopover for sailors from all over the world on their way across the Atlantic.
When we were there it was "semana do mar", a sailing festival with lots of attractions. Looking at the yachts with flags all over was a beautiful sight.

Alongside the inner wall of the marina. In the background you can see parts of the worldfamous sailor graffitis. Every yacht creates one.We didn't.

What a sight, Pico at night above the illuminated outer harbour wall of Horta. This massive volcano on the neighbour island is about 2351m high.

During the semana do mar we had concerts in the harbour every night, quality varying but always loud.
One of the highlights were the colourful traditional boats. These small open gaff riggers were used by the whalers to get close to their prey without being noticed.

Founded in 1908 and worldfamous ever since, an absolute must for cruisers is a visit to

Peters Cafe Sport

There is always a crowd even during the day. At night when the place gets really busy people are standing on the street or sitting on the harbour wall opposite. There is good music from a loudspeaker on the balcony and it's very easy to let oneself drift into that multinational partying mood

Laundry day

The queue in the marina laundrette simply was too long again, so Manfred returns to handwashing like in the old days. Klaus is giving good advice.


But the sailing still is the best with good weather and a handsome wind.

Pier lights at the entrance to Horta harbour