The worst to happen to a boat

We were sitting with friends in one of these cosy beach restaurants for lunch, enjoying ourselves. Suddenly the guy next to me grabs my arm: "Look at that big black cloud of smoke. This is where you are anchored." We rush to the dinghy, almost forget to pay our bill, home full throttle. Thank Heavens, it wasn't our boat but the neighbour, only 30 yards away, was fully under fire.

Marine Police rushed by and in an heroic effort managed to tow the wreck to the beach, where a fire brigade was already waiting. Before that local fishermen had tried to stop the fire but to no avail. The owner was ashore and we alarmed him via cellphone. He came as quickly as possible, just to watch how all his worldly belongings went up in smoke.

A wonderful experience was the solidarity of fellow cruisers. This now homeless guy and his dog companion were offered berths, free meals, clothes and a lot of money was donated, to help him come back on his feet again.

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