Hoopers Island

Little paradises are hard to find, but sometimes they lie just a few miles off the beaten track. This one is about 23 nm SE of Solomon`s Island and 28 nm N of Crisfield in the heart of Chesapeake Bay on the Honga River. It is not easily accessible, markers are few, crab pots and fish traps abound, and the actual channel to the harbour of Hoopersville is so shallow, that we could only enter and leave at high tide.

It´s a small isolated watermens community, life is dominated by tides, seasons and the cycle of the crab. Only 47 people live here permanently and from the faces you can tell that it´s tough. Their church is right behind the harbour overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, ruling their life and death, moderate wealth and poverty.

There are only two sailboats in the tiny harbour. The green one belongs to Tom and Vicky Sparks, who invited us here. Below you can see their old Georgian house, which they have lovingly restorated over the last 20 years. Tom is a gifted craftsman and artist, the house is full of his work. Their and their friends hospitality were overwhelming.

During daytime we enjoyed the loneliness of the marshes (and the most bloodthirsty moskitoes ever), in the evenings we would eat together and have these wonderful talks or just make fun of each other. We even met German immigrants of some 50 years ago, who were delighted to be able to speak in their native tongue again. Thank You everyone on Hooper´s Island, you made our stay unforgettable and we are looking forward to meeting all of you again.

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