Îles de la Madeleine

Isles in the Gulf of St.Lawrence

You will find them right in the middle of one of the most disturbed waters on this earth, the St.Lawrence Gulf. Curved like a westbound banana, they stretch, interconnected by dunes and lagoons, over a 100 miles. People speak French, Basque or Gaelic, so take your chance. You are in the world of the Acadians. Water is nice and warm, watersports encouraged. In the summer winds are southwesterly 10 to 20 kts, so sailing in the innner bay, Baye de Plaisance, is a must. Cruisers choice: L`Havre Aubert, one of the friendliest places we have ever been, thanks to Real, the dockmaster. Hiking, diving, sailing, choose from a wide variety...

Cruisers note:

We also were quite happy at several anchorages, but of course, getting laundry and shopping done is our first priority. The Marina in La Grave was the best.They even had Internet...

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