Marina Pero de Teive
Ponta Delgada

Marina de Ponta Delgada has four floating pontoons with fingerpiers each having water and electricity. Each pontoon is secured through CCTV and magnetic card opening system. On arrival your moor at the reception pier and go to the marina office. They try to make bureaucracy more efficient and all the authorities are in one building. The transitlog doesn`t exist anymore. Everybody is very friendly and helpful

We had to do a haulout job to the boat so the efficiency of the marina was essential. They have a 25t travellift and space for on land storage was arranged within a week. Thanks to the help of Any and Thomas. They have been there for four years now and earn their living with other peoples boat problems. Thomas does all the technical work and Any is a good sailmaker.

The marina is a good place to get to know a rich variety of folks from all over the world. At least we had a few remarkable encounters.....

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