Santa Maria

is one of the smaller isles of the archipelago, 9.5x17 km, about 6000 inhabitants. The West rather flat and boring, the East mountaineous and wild. The main village could be from an old B-movie.Harbour: free anchoring on good holding ground for 4-6 boats, not enough room for more, mainly because of the busy fishing fleet. Generally the fishermen`s attitude towards yachties can only be regarded as openly hostile.The harbour is completely exposed to the SE, with SWly winds there is considerable swell.Officials in the little white house at the end of the mole(very friendly). Showers in the Clube Naval at the ramp(dirty and cold water only).Supplies in the village 1km uphill. Maintenance Autos Botilho on the main road(very helpful).
Rent a car with Rui Sousa of Ilha Verde at the airport(very friendly and knows the business). Conclusion: Beautiful, wild, romantic, isolated(everybody greets you after 2 days), people very friendly and caring, not discovered by VIRGIN( a question of time I suppose), but not the place, where we would like to spend the rest of our life.

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