27°10'W, 38°40'N. Most crowded island in the central group of the Archipelago. Absolute highlight is the capital of Angra do Heroismo. The old town centre is part of the UNESCO world heritage. Numerous palaces remind you of the time when Angra was capital of Portugal and its Empire. At that time it was one of the major ports for the gold laden spanish and portuguese ships on their way to all over the world. Precious clerical buildings are dominating the town centre. Ringing the bells every hour seems to be a real competition of who's gonna be first.
The historic core of the city is situated around the harbour where a new marina is currently under construction. (Marina de Angra do Heroismo) Wall and finger piers providing water and electricity are completed, your berth is good and safe. Don't hesitate to go in deeper because there might be a little swell on the first finger piers. There is room enough because at the moment not many people go there. Friendly harbourmaster, office on fisherman's pier. Shower in Clube Naval.
A second marina is currently under construction in Praia da Vitória. The main advantage is that you have the only sandy beach just in front of you. At the moment you still have to anchor but the holding is good as well as the shelter. Facilities are already available. Originally the harbour was built as a base for the US Navy which explains the dimensions.

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