West Indian Manatees

The West Indian Manatees (Tricheus manatus) are living in the rivers and estuaries from the south east coast of north America through the Caribbean to almost the midth of Brazil. They belong to one of the most endangered species of this planet. They are especially vulnerable to those reckless power boaters driving along at 20 kts plus through their favourite feeding grounds and shallow mangrove waters.

Manatees are slow and stupid, so esecially prone to this danger. The manatees we encountered had scars all over their backs, obviously caused by propellers. We met the first manatees in the mangroves of Salinas (Puerto Rico), but to get good photographs is like trying to shoot a celebrity, they are very shy in front of a camera. Manatees are harmless and feed on weeds. With a little patience, children might be able to touch and caress them.

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