Informations on environmental topics

Geothermal powerplant in Ribeira Grande

This powerplant is one of the few of its kind. Read more on this environmentally friendly way of producing energy from the seemingly unexploitable heat of the core of our planet.


Endangered friendly giants of the shoal waters of Florida and the Caribbean. Strictly vegetarian, slow and a bit dumb, they only have one enemy, man.

The Grenada Chocolate Company

The Grenada Chocolate Company

is an organic cocoa farm in Belmont Estate, Grenada. Fresh just harvested cocoa beans are being dried, fermented and roasted here. The resulting chocolate is really delicious. This small scale plant is energized completely by solar panels.

Brown Pelicans

Over the years the pelicans have become our friends. Their elegant gliding just inches above the water has always been fascinating in the morning, when you have your coffee cup in your hand. If you want to see more click the pelican page.

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